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[Looking4] Metal programs in DC

I have a friend moving to DC next month who is interested in basic
metalsmithing classes and stone setting classes. She’s a single
mother, so cost will be an issue, but she doesn’t even have the
beginning idea of where to look for possible classes, teachers, or
programs. Even an individual who teaches in a small shop or at their
home would work for her. Any ideas that any of you could suggest?

Sandra Graves, Isis Rising

You could try contacting some of the local rock clubs…I used to
belong to the Southern Maryland Rock and Mineral club in Clinton
years ago…they may have some members who teach. There is also a
larger gem/jewelry club in Montgomery county. If nothing else, they
can give you info into what’s available in the area. I have a friend
in Ft. Washington in the S. Md club…contact me offline and I can
give you her phone nr. she might be able to point you to some local
resources. I’ve been out of the area for some time.


Hi Sandra,

I teach metalsmithing classes in the Northern Virginia area (not too
far from D.C.) at the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center. I believe 5
classes cost around $150. The website and list of classes is at The Torpedo Factory (Art League) also offers
classes in Alexandria, VA with some great instructors/artists. And in
Rockville, MD, I believe Montgomery College has a nice metals
curriculum. If your friend is looking for a shorter class, say just
a workshop, Star’s Beads in Vienna offers 1-day classes in

Dana Evans

The nonprofit Gem Cutter’s Guild in Baltimore.


There is a community college in MD that has a program, and there is
a community center in Arlington, I think it’s the Thomas Jefferson
Memorial Community Center or something, that has a very nice set up.

Perhaps someone local will chime in with the correct name, or search
the archives, this question has come up before.


Not in DC, but close -

Creative Metalworks -

There is also the Metals Guild of MD - / (website is horribly out of
date but she could contact the guild)

I am also a single Mother, ‘self taught’, taking workshops here and
the re as I can. Email me off list and we can exchange info if you’d


Creative Metalworks in Kensington, Md. All levels from beginner to
advanced are offered and special weekend workshops also. Have fun.

Paul Brackna

Thanks to all of you who posted here or Emailed me directly. I have
passed the on to my friend. She’ll be moving to DC in
early December and probably looking for things after the Holiday
season. I appreciate all of the

Sandra Graves, Isis Rising
Artistic Endeavors with Wings of Light


There are a number of places in the DC area that offer jewelry and
metal work classes. She should at least check out the following:

The Art League School that is affiliated with the Torpedo Factory
Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia
Creative Metalworks in Kensigton, MD
The Jewelers Warehouse in Silver Spring, MD

If she is looking for other jewelers in the area she may want to
consider joining the Washington Guild of Goldsmiths


Creative Metalworks School of Design in Kensington just North of DC

The Torpedo Factory art center in Alexandria, south of DC

Montgomery College art Department in Rockville, about 20-30 min
North of DC

The Corcoran College in DC

I’m an assistant instructor at Creative Metalworks, and would be
happy to answer any questions she would have about us.