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[Looking4] Mens rings

Hey all first off I am not a jeweler i do bead work and thats all i
do collect some gemstones and i have a few i would like to put in
rings for myself and some family but looking out there either you
must be in the trade to order something or there is no choice very
little.I am in New York I do have ideas on what i am looking for can
draw a bit to get the design so my question is. Can anyone point me
in the right direction where i can go or is there anyone here who
can do this i would greatly appreciate any help

thank you
G Russo
Staten Island, NY

Hey Gaetano,

Rio Grande ( has ready made jewelry finding
that you might be able to set your stones depending on the style.

Tripp’s is another company that offers mountings that are easy to
set - I couldn’t find their website but here is a site talking about
how easy it is to use their settings:

Maybe that is their website. Anyone may purchase from these
companies. Here is another list of vendors where you can get various
jewelry making supplies: htm

Check them out but be aware; some of them you do need to be a
wholesaler. Good luck!