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[Looking4] Matching diamond

A web client from the UK has lost a diamond from her engagement ring,
purchased some years ago in Perth, Australia. Her insurance company
has been unable to locate a suitable replacement in the UK, and so
far, I’ve not succeeded in finding one here in Australia. (As a
studio designer/jeweller, I don’t buy large quantities of anything,
so I don’t have major buying power, and Argyll Diamonds, who
basically made champagne and cognac diamonds popular in the first
place, don’t sell to people like me.)

These are the requirements from the insurance valuation certificate.

Diamond - Marquise Cut.37ct Estimated Weight Measuring 6.57 X
3.77 X 2.36mm Clarity - Si Colour Medium Champagne -C3

I’m advised that this particular cut/colour combination is no longer
’fashionable’.If anyone can help, please contact me off list - and I
will pass the on to the client.

Jane Walker