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[Looking4] Manufacturer in the US

I have been making my designs in my own studio with assistants that I
have trained. I want to keep my staff small and am looking for a
quality manufacturer to cast and finish my work in quantities of 100
pieces. This will mostly be in sterling silver. The designs will
require casting and finishing to a rouge finish. Sometimes there
will be a combination of satin and polished finishes. I have been
using a company in Rhode Island, but they have been sold and I am not
pleased with the service of this new company. Can anyone give me a
lead on a company that does fine work in the US? I will consider an
overseas company, but to simplify things I would prefer to start in
this country.

Ronna Lugosch

B. Kracht, Inc. 55 years in the business…he is the best! (in my


Hi Ronna.

give me a call and we can discuss your project. the name of our
company is “international mfg. co.” we are based in Philadelphia and
we probably will be able to help you.

Charles (Shaiki) Newman

Ronna - look no farther - Daniel Grandi at Race car jewelry is your
guy. He does good work, is reasonably priced, is in the volume
manufacturing business, and is a major supporter of Orchid

Go to , talk to Daniel or his very
competent staff, and worry no more.

Judy Hoch

They may be a bit pricey but I am using Roni casting in NY. I used
to cast with a RI company but was uphappy with the amount of
’unusable’ pieces I would receive in each batch.


I second Judy Hoch’s recommendation for Dan Grandi at Racecar
Jewelery. Good man, excellent work.

Judy in Kansas

I’d recommend that you give a look at:

Racecar Casters, they also are in rhode island. There is an ad for
them at the top and bottom of this daily orchid digest. The owner
Daniel Grandi cares about his work and does a great job. Plus you are
helping to support this forum (indirectly). Good luck and I hope your
castings improve.

Mark kaplan

I would concur with Mark regarding Racecar. Dan Grandi is a
fantastic caster. I’ve used him for sterling, de-ox, and bronze. He’s
a perfectionist. They have recently gotten into finishing castings.
Find his Web site here:

Jeff Herman

Hi Ronna Lugosch

We are a jewelry manufacturer based in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. and
we do casting and finishing all quality work. Please visit our
website to see the services that we
offer and prices that we charge for them or call us at

Thank You and best regards
Adam at JCCO Enterprises

Actually, let me rescind my recommendation. I have just finished my
first order with Roni Casting and I would NOT recommend them. They
had said a turn around of 2-3 days, two weeks later I was still
waiting for the order to be completed. After which the amount
received was wrong and it took some doing to correct, to top it off
the casting quality was only so-so. I will be trying one of the other
casters you all mentioned now that I have my molds back.



If you are looking for relatively small batches of custom
casting/finishing work, please email me with your details, including
any weights and/or photos you might have. We are really just a
start-up right now, and I am doing casting for a couple of local
designers and the entire sterling UNL line of charms / pendants /
keyrings / cufflinks, but am trying to grow this business and would
love to try to satisfy others looking for this service. I am totally
unable to cast hundreds or thousands of pieces at a time, but in
about half an hour from now, I have sixty pieces to cast (yeah, I’m
typing fast right now!!). If you already have rubber molds, that is
great! I can do the rest for you from wax injection up to finishing,
or any stopping point you like. I try to get things turned around as
soon as possible, but with the limitations of my equipment, from wax
to finished product we are looking at nearly a week (injecting,
spruing, investing, burnout, casting, de-spruing, shot tumbling,
mass finishing for a couple days, and final polish 72 to 96 hours if
I work 24/day, and I really only work 14 to 16/day!)

Lemme know if I can help, I’m not a HUGE casting house, just a small
upstart trying to build. Personal attention to detail is important to
me, and customer satisfaction is something I have excelled in since
my first job in 1978!