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[Looking4] Making hinged locket illustrated tutorial

Does anyone know where I can find a good illustrated step by step
description of making a hinged locket. The type that opens and can
have a photo inside? I have a series of gold/sterling lockets in mind
and would like to get a little background info before I finish
designing them. Thanks in advance


Tim McCreight has a book on that.


Hi Milt,

Boxes and Lockets by Tim McCreight has excellent, clear, step by
step instructions and lots of inspirational eye candy as well.

Have lots of fun making.

Charles Lewton-Brain has a book on that:

Hi, Milt,

I’ve run across instructions using PMC silver to make hinged
boxes/lockets. I can’t find the specific online tutorial, but if you
poke around online you should find it. Here is one picture I found
that clearly shows the construction and there are a few more pix
showing it closed, as well as different types of catches.

I hope this is what you’re looking for. I’ve only just signed up to
Ganoskin, and a rank beginner making jewellery. PMC was how I got
into it because I come from a fine art/sculpture/ceramics background.
I always preferred working small, portability being a prime
consideration, but all these years making jewellery never occurred to
me because I don’t wear it. One of these days I’ll learn some
silversmithing. This website is wonderful.


Hi Milt,

The book “Jewelry Concepts and Technology” by Oppi Untracht, has
pretty good picture drawings of hinges on page 783. Not perfect but
it will give you a good idea on how to attach a hinge to a locket. If
you can’t find the book I gladly email you a copy of the page.



You could try this

It is a nice little vidoe for a notebook pendant that has a hinge.
by Hadar Jacobson. The only drawback is that she uses the chain to
connect the two pieces rather than a traditional pin.

Hoi Milt this is a book from 1912 Silverwork and jewelry : a
text-book for studen…
Page 103

Have fun. Kif