[Looking4] Lockable glass display cases

I’m beginning to realize that if I want to look even more
professional and protect my more expensive pieces, I need to have at
least one lockable glass display case. But they’re so expensive.
Does anyone know where I can get one on the cheap? I can’t really
afford to spend much more money on displays but I hate the idea of my
$200, $300 and $400 pieces just laying out on a table… Down here in
South Florida, we’re coming in to season and that’s going to be more
opportunities for me to show my work. But some one my items are
starting to get expensive. I haven’t posted them online yet but want
to give the shows first opportunity. I’m just afraid of theft.

MikiCat Designs


Look for display cabinets at the inventory surplus stores or watch
for a store such as Mervyns, Penneys that is closing. I bought 3
here in Carson City from Mervyns, one for 30 and 2 for 40 dollars
each. Buying one that doesn’t have a lock, can be made to have a lock
installed. I just changed all my cabinet locks to unlock with the
same key.

Veva Bailey

Hello Michele,

You asked for an inexpensive, lockable glass display case.
Admittedly my source is family, but you may have a connection you
haven’t realized.

My husband had a convenience store. Various vendors would provide a
countertop show case when he bought the product. Unless he continued
stocking that product, he would eventually have an empty show case
to discard. He brought several lockable cases home for me to use.
Configurations vary - some will not work, and the cases tend to be
heavy, especially if they are made with glass. Plexiglass or plastic
might be better for transporting around.

Make friends with a local convenience store owner/manager by
becoming a frequent customer. Keep your eyes peeled for a case that
would meet your need. Ask if it would be available when it’s empty.
Also check with sporting goods stores - they have knife cases that
lock and might work. I hate to see something perfectly good be tossed
into the trash.

Good luck and think “re-purpose”

Judy in Kansas, who is gearing up for a weekend show and hoping the
weather continues to be this nice!!

I have the lockable cases from Arizona Case and am very happy with

Hi Michele,

Ikea has a great line of upright cases that even come with locks for
$80. I have seen these used in an upright positions and sideways. I
don’t know if you need them to be collapsible for travel or not but
I think they could be fairly easily adjusted to make them into
something that could be broke down for flat packing.

Good luck,

Do you have Ikea near you? They do very cheap glass cabinets then you
could buy a lock from a hardware store and add to it. Hooray for Ikea
for display items as they also do some cheap lighting that you can
add to the cabinet.

Anne Morgan UK

I buy glass front cases anywhere possible (thrift stores are great,
barristers bookcases work wonderfully for the following modification)
and add a locking mechanism from a home store- they run about 10-20
bucks and convert anything to lockable and look good. the higher cost
ones are brass, the lower end a chromed metal that slides into any
door or drawer.

You might look into the glass cube and shelf that is made up of 3/16"
tempered glass with metal pieces that join the glass together. You
can get hinges and hasps and make a locking case. I have a variety of
shapes of glass so I can customize my setup depending on the show.
The only caveat is that glass is heavy. But since some of my
inventory is rocks what’s an extra 100 lbs or so. I know some who use
3/16" sheet acrylic to save on weight.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan

Another good idea. And since there’s an Ikea not to far from me, I
think I’ll go have a look. Thanks.

MikiCat Designs

Also a good suggestion I didn’t think of. The surplus stores though
tend to still sell at a higher price than I can afford right now. :slight_smile:
But with so many businesses going out of business, it’s a good idea
to keep checking the papers.

MikiCat Designs

I second the IKEA suggestion. They have fab glass display cases that
you can easily add a lock to. I have this one at home

and it was easy to assemble and is lovely. I see there are several


I have a couple of cases from Ikea. The detolf is the name of the
upright and the Klingsbo is more like a traditional case for a shop
and does have a lock. The only thought about the Klingsbo that is a
little frustrating is that doors do not slide, but instead need
clearance to open. Otherwise, both work well for me. Another option
might be to get the glass displays sold at frame/hobby places for
basket balls or footballs because they are a glass cube. I would
think they could be modified to either open from one side or hinge
to the base and lock.


Also, check in your area for companies that specialize in used store
fixtures. There prices are ok but they generally know what fixtures
are worth. But with all the stores closing you might be able to find
a bargain because the used fixture stores are overstocked…

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan

Michelle,…missed you at the meeting Wed?? Meanwhile, check the
newsletter page (I think) 4 for a list of materials that GamaGem is
selling from their store reduction in Plantation. They might have
some cases. Or send a message to [gamagem at aol dot com]. Garrett
Walker is a great guy and might be able to help.

Cheers, Don.