[Looking4] Letter Stamping Pliers

Hi gang, like the heading says I’m looking for “letter stamping
pliers”. I’ve seen them before but never used them. The general idea
is that they have little letter wheels (several to a set, obviously)
where you rotate your chosen letter into position, then press the
letter into the metal by squeezing the pliers. Typically used for
stamping rings, I believe, though I’ll be stamping on the outside of
the ring, not the inside (necessarily).

My particular challenge is that I need to be able to stamp mini
letters (.5-.75mm) and midi letters (1-1.25 mm). It would be ideal if
the same different sized letters could be used on the same pliers
(interchangeable sets). I’ve found one source but they’ve only got
the letters in mini-mini (.5mm) for inside ring stamping.

For what it’s worth I have seen stamps for these size letters but
I’d rather have a pliers set-up for this due to the nature of the
work I have in mind.

Any and all suggestions, even near-misses or “try this” ideas, would
be welcome.

Trevor F.
in The City of Light
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You could look at Microstampusa.com who provide various micro
stamping dies and tools.

Kind regards