[Looking4] Learning Opportunities in March

Dear All

I am in need of something interesting to do for a week or two at the
end of March this year as I would rather be out of England (and
certainly out of London) when my ex girlfriend ties the knot with her
tennis coach.

Last year I managed to run away to Turkey to learn to blow glass
(www.glassfurnace.org, highly recommended). I usually spend my
holidays silversmithing in Kent, which this year resulted in a lovely
set of candlesticks over Christmas and a neat, cheap tool to coat
complex soldering operations with Pripps (I’ll post the details on
this group when I scan in some sketches).

However, I now seem out of nifty ideas with W Day closing fast and
wondered if any of you fine people had suggestions on learning
opportunities towards the end of March that will allow me to improve
my craftsmanship and hopefully come away with an amusing story or
two. I am a competent silversmith, an OK woodworker, a reasonable
leatherworker, a novice glassblower and a fast learner. Anything
which increases my abilities or range, is sufficiently hard work to
be distracting and populated with interesting people would be perfect.


Chris Penner

Try the various continuing education/arts camps in the U.S.:

Penland School of Crafts http://www.penland.org/

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts http://www.penland.org/ (has wood
turning as well as metals)

Haystack in Maine http://www.haystack-mtn.org/ (bit cold in March)

John C. Campbell Folk School http://www.folkschool.org/

Snow Farm http://www.haystack-mtn.org/

Tillers International http://www.tillersinternational.org/ (not a
crafts school, but they teach blacksmithing.)

There are more.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay