[Looking4] Lavender Quartz Healing Stone

Hello all, I have a customer that is looking for a Lavender Quartz
Healing stone at least palm to fist size. The fact that he stands 7
feet + may have some bearing, but you get the idea. I know where to
buy Lav. Quartz rough-not what I am looking for. He also would prefer a
preowned stone used by a healer as he states they transfer power,
making it stronger. I took all this with a grain of salt until he
placed his hand over a pile of Rose Quartz rough I had out and several
pieces “lit up” the same way as when you cut/grind the stone. VERY
freaky! Anyway, if anyone can help please email me at @DURNINGS
Thanks, Larry Durnings Rings &Things

I am very curious. Does the stone work only for certain people. IE: is
this person a healer himself. What a hoot! I would have freaked and run
the other way!

Good luck on finding a stone. Miki C