[Looking4] Laser engraving service

I’m looking for a resource for Laser Engraving of ring interiors.
Typically we need a simple maker’s mark on the inside of our custom
stainless rings, but occasionally the client gets creative and wants
to do a full ring interior with line art, etc.

We need a fairly quick turn around time, and the willingness to do
one-off engraving.

Any suggestions on vendors to contact?

Thank you,
Kara Aubin

Hi Kara,

If you are still in SE Michigan, I would contact AU Enterprises. I
have had them laser engrave all sorts of text on the interior of
rings and the also can engrave images to. However you may want to ask
about what kind of digital files they prefer. If you have to pay for
it to be converted it can get a bit pricy.

Here is there website: