[Looking4] Lapidary tools

i am in the market for some lapidary tools!

i am interested in these items: the ameritool universal
grinder/polisher & the Inland swaptop “All in Wonder”.

i am new to this lapidary thought, but i want to do some freehand
faceting and forming. i want a tool that has water, can grind and
polish, where i can make cabs or do faceting that is not too
particular. if there is a saw involved, then more fun for me!

i want to spend as little as possible because this is one big
experiment for me.

please contact me offline if you have good used tools or know of a
place i can acquire them.

thanks a bunch!
joanna gollberg


Where are you? If you are near us (Washington Penn. in Sequim you
could have some use of our tools. Or find a lapidary group in your
area and see what they might have available for use, at least for
items you need but don’t have yet. Recreation parks often have
programs as well and community colleges.

John Dach