[Looking4] Lapidary service

I know some of you are lapidaries, but I can’t remember which
ones. I need someone to do some cab cutting. Anyone

Hi, My hubby is a good lapidary. We work on projects together,
he cuts and cabs or facets and I set. His name is Bert Plants.
You can respond to me as he does not frequently check his
personal email. We are in Grand Forks, ND. He can send some
digital photos of his work to you by email if you are still
interested. He does all kinds of stones, especially loves opal.

Aufin - look in the sunday newspaper for the clubs, etc. in your
area. usually there will be at least one lapidary club if you’re
near even a small town. lacking that, check out the yellow pages
for lapidary supplies, call them & ask if they know of any clubs
or individuals you can contact. even a good hobbyist will do a
good job of cutting your cabs - you would pay more for insured
shipping & cutting by one of us than you would for someone local
who does it for the enjoyment & a little money or perhaps some
trading of material. good luck - ive