[Looking4] Lapidary in Virginia

Can anyone recommend a lapidary in Virginia? I received a call today
from a man who has a rough ruby he’d like cut and set for his wife
as a Christmas surprise. I’d like to pass along some info for him if
possible (romantic jewelry stories always get me).

Thanks for your help! DK

Not Virginia, but fairly close. Does great work.

Jack Hepting.
Location: NC
Accepts Commisions: Yes
Contact: [JHep754470 at aol dot com]

About this faceter: Jack Hepting grew up in Asheville, NC and began
gem and mineral collecting at the age of 12. He enjoyed prospecting
and it soon became a regular family activity. He began cabochon
cutting at 15 and taught himself to facet Over the next
forty years he took some time off to have a distinguished career as
an architect, but returned faceting in 2002. His work is
characterized by his patient determination to cut only the finest
possible gem to the highest standards. His focus on crisp meetpoints,
mirror bright facets, and maximum light return is apparent in the
high quality gemstones he creates. He is a member of Tar Heel Gem and
Mineral Club, and the United States Faceters Guild.