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[Looking4] Lapidary in US



I have a lot of about 50 pieces of small quartz geodes that I would
like to have sliced for setting as pendants. This is just a very
simple cutting job, nothing fancy. Can anyone recomend a quick and
inexpensive lapidary in the US who will do this kind of thing for me?

Thanks, Douglas



Check in your area for either a gem and mineral club or a rock shop.
I am sure that at least one member of the gem club would be capable
of slabing your material.

Greg DeMark



I have a small diamond saw and could do it if they aren’t too large.



Larry Whittington is an Orchidian and a Lapidary in Oregon. I
purchased a few cabs from him a while back. The stones are beautiful
and he was terrific. His site says he’ll cut and polish customers



No vested interest, I will vouch for Larry. Very honest and seems
like a nice guy