[Looking4] Ladies black watch strap

Hello All Orchidians

Wondering any of you Orchidians can guide, direct me in finding the
following for my one of the client. Thank you all in advance.

I need a Ladies Black strap to fit the deployment buckle on a ladies
"Cartier Tank Americaine" watch. Thank you!

With Cartier authentic products it is best to buy genuine parts
based on the serial number. Cartier Tank Americaine watches (still
under warranty) are to be taken to the nearest service centre with
the warranty card, and if it is relatively new (under 3 months) they
do a bracelet adjustment service which would provide for replacement
of a damaged part…- it will be sent off if no service facility is
nearby for “maintenance service” which should not incur a charge if
less than 2 yrs. old. If out of warranty,( even though the lifetime
warranty applies to the mechanism, the labour and materials are worth
the servicing costs as the client probably hasn’t sent it off or
taken it in for regular maintenance anyway!) one should still take it
in they will send it to a maison for any of the necessary maintenance
services that are either timely or overdue-…Cartier says their
leather straps only last 6-12 months without water exposure!
Apparently you are not an authorised service location- so I would
instruct the person to call Cartier After-Sales services,
particularly with a newer watch, and let them deal with it.-unless
you are authorised to work on Cartier products. With a $38,000 Tank
Americaine watch (a very featured and current collection) I would not
touch it if I did not have very good insurance in place. With a 10K
model there are straps on Amazon (that are not official Cartier
product,) that will fit it.-but if you haven’t experience with the
deployment buckle and it’s in a precious metal or a Tourbillion model
or even the 51,000 Tank Amer. model, I would advise the client to
retain the integrity of the brand for the investment quality of the
piece and send it to Cartier. In my humble opinion, if one doesn’t
know where to get a serial number identified strap one should not be
fooling around trying to replace it on a watch that costs as much as
some people’s homes!..rer