[Looking4] Jewelry Reps

Good morning everybody,

I am looking for a number of jewelry reps to sell my line in all 4
corners of the USA- Does anyone know of someone they could recommend
to me? Any would be greatly appreciated!

Mary R

Hey Mary,

Do you have a website, or some pics of your work you could post?
Different reps specialize in different styles… without knowing your
style it would be hard to recommend someone.


Hi Amery,

Do you have a website, or some pics of your work you could post?
Different reps specialize in different styles... without knowing
your style it would be hard to recommend someone. 

No - I wish I had a website - its on my long list of to- do’s - I
have to research the Orchid thread on finding a good person to do my
web site but just haven’t had the time. I have only slides of my
jewelry. I make fairly traditional silver & gold jewelry (I know
that’s not helpful) I guess I could probably know what rep would be
a good match if I knew whose lines they carried. I have no idea how
to find them out there. I used to do the trade shows. JCK La Vegas &
JA NY & JA Orlando FL but have been out of the game for a while. My
kids are all in school now so I’m going back to work F/T. Any ideas?

Mary R

No - I wish I had a website - its on my long list of to- do's - 

For artists wishing to have at least a minimal web presence, you can
make a Squidoo Lens or SquidWho Lens about yourself. It’s not so
weird, lots of authors do it.

Make it a bio, you can easily post pictures of your work, include
whatever level of contact you want, even if it’s just
enabling the Contact Me button.

It’s really, really easy to use Squidoo. You can do it without any
html, or if you know some, you can use it if you want.

I have oodles of them, though I haven’t done one on myself.

Here’s a sample artist lens:


Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay


It’s gonna take a lot of leg work on your part unless someone on
this forum can come up with a suggestion based on the description of
your work.

Here’s what I would do if I was looking for a rep:

  1. I would identify the territory you’re interested in. Take
    California for example… Identify the buildings that house reps in
    Los Angeles: California Mart, New Mart, Cooper Building. I would
    contact these buildings and and ask for a directory of showrooms. Or
    see if there’s one currently on line.

  2. Research the reps and showrooms. Who carries jewelry- what kind.
    Fashion, base metal. Ask about price points-- would you be too high
    or too low? Are they looking for any new lines?

  3. Ask if you can send photos of your work and if they aren’t
    interested, would they be willing to suggest someone else?

I know someone who sent his catalog to every rep that carried jewelry
in each building until he found someone who was interested.

He did call first to see if it would be a match (price point, style,

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer or easy way to find a rep.

If you could send me some pics of your work I can keep my eyes open
for you. I do attend trade shows as a buyer sometimes… I help a
very good friend with the buying for his store- he likes a female
touch! I can keep you in mind and then forward some names on to you
if you like. He is more fashion orientated, and not so traditional so
I’m not as familiar with the more traditional lines, so I can’t help
you off the top of my head. But I might be able to spot something on
our buying trips.

Good luck and let us know what you find…


Amery Carrire Designs

Good morning Amery,

You’ve already helped me a great deal - thank you for all that useful
I really appreciate it! Thank You for offering to keep
an eye out I’ll email some pics as soon as I have something other
than slides. I’m not ready to do the shows again. I want to wait
until I generate some interest first. I always wanted to sell to
stores in Texas but don’t know of any rep buildings there. I have a
list of stores in various parts of the country that I can contact
but really wanted someone local who could maintain the account with a
personal touch. Visiting the stores; etc. I’ll check out the rep
buildings You suggested. Thank you for taking the time! I’ll let You
know what I come up with.

Mary R.

I am looking for a jewelry rep to sell my new line of necklaces. Can
anyone recommend a jewelry rep?

I would prefer a referral than going at it blind.

Mark Noll

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a reputable Jewelry Rep. If anyone can recommend
one, I would appreciate it.

I am located in Florida. I am looking for reps anywhere in the US.

Mark Noll