[Looking4] Jewelry packaging made in the USA

Greetings. We’re looking for jewelry packaging (ring boxes and such)
that’s made in the USA. Does anyone have any recommendations on
this? We’ve looked at the usual suspects like Stuller and Rio and
some others but still haven’t found the look and style we’re going
for… the options are so limited in what is actually made in the

Thanks in advance!
Amy Castano
John Paul Designs

Hi I have some believe it or not velvet covered metal boxed made in
the USA by a company in Rhode Island called Jewel Case, it takes
longer because there is only one company in the US that makes velvet
(sad but true).

Thier phone # is: 401-943-1400 and you want to talk to Fran Beale
EXT:237, she will actually return your calls better and she knows
whats going with orders.

Tell them Gregg in Albuquerque, sent you