[Looking4] Jewelers in Spain


I learned about and joined Orchid on the recommendation of my friend
and instructor, Michael D. Sturlin. He suggested that I might benefit
from the and contacts available, and that most
immediately I might be able to help my sister and her fiance find
jewelry artists and/or galleries for wedding rings when we are in
Spain next month. They would like ‘one-of-a-kind’ wedding rings, and
are very interested in the idea of acquiring them on their trip. We
will begin and end our trip in Bilbao, Spain but will also be in the
following towns/villages: Ezcarey Santo Domingo de la Calzada San
Millan de la Cogolla Puerto de Penacerrada Haro If anyone has any
suggestions and/or contacts I would love to know about them.

Thank you,
Heather Seawright Kingfisher

Heather, Try looking at Klimit02. It lists jewelers from all over the
world, and you can search for jewelers in Spain alone. Another thing
you can do is google the name of the towns she will be, and the
Spanish word for jewelery together. That will give you hits that are
in Spanish. The correct word escapes me at this minute, and I am too
lazy to look up. The point is, google what you want in Spanish.


Thank you Roxy for the tips, I’ll do that today. My Spanish is
adequate for these purposes I think.