[Looking4] Jeweler in South Carolina

I’m looking for a jeweler in Columbia, South Carolina who can do
some work on my wedding band. I have a chip in my diamond and need
someone to diagnose and recommend a fix. The prongs also might need
to be retipped.

I’d prefer to spend my cash with someone on Orchid. So if you know
of someone who has a store, please contact me. Thanks and Happy

Tracy’s Treasures

Hi Tracy,

Brad Simon is in Spartanburg and may be on Orchid, I’m not sure. His
reputation and workmanship are unexcelled.

Brad also puts out a FREE bench-related newsletter and hosts an
annual Bench Conference for jewelers (bench-types, mostly) that is
fantastic. Great speakers, learning opportunities, etc. I have no
financial connection, etc., but at least visit
http://www.bwsimon.com and subscribe to his great newsletter and
even greater “Bench Magazine”.

Best regards,
Wayne Emery
The Gemcutter