[Looking4] Infinity symbol stamp

Hello All,

I am looking for an infinity symbol stamping tool, and am wondering
if anyone may know of a supplier that may sell these? Any info. would
be appreciated…

Lorien Powers


For the infinity symbol stamp, I just use the number 8 stamp on it’s


I know that years ago in a former life, the man I was working for had
taken an 18K quality marking punch and ground off the 1 and the K,
leaving only the 8. This, turned sideways was close enough to
infinity for him, and he used it to mark pieces which we had done
restoration work on so that we would recognize the pieces when and
if they came back our way.


To Lorien Powers about the infinity symbol stamp- Gesswein makes
custom stamps, as I’m sure other tool companies do.

I haven’t searched this site, but it’s a real good possibility they
either have one or can make one for you.




How about having Microstampusa.com make a custom stamp for you? I am
not affiliated, just a happy customer.

Vera Battemarco

Connie Fox carries an infinity stamp on her website at conniefox.com

For any type of marking stamp a good source is Sparks Steel Stamps,


Quality is excellent for custom or stock items. Pricing is very
reasonable. Advice is available for the asking.

J Collier
Small Scale Metalsmith