[Looking4] Hollow Cuban link bracelet manufacturer

HELP! I just wasted 6 months of my life trying to get hollow gold
bracelets made in China- the prototypes are awful -does anyone know
the name of a manufacturer(s) who can make this for me? maybe Italy?
I am having no luck. (Pic of cuban link & type of clasp I want)



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If it is called “cuban link” because it is connected to the island
of Cuba, you can research the artist community in Cuba for help. A
friend of mine went to Cuba last year with a photography group and
learned there is a strong artist community there. They may not have
access to modern tools but you might be able to guide/help them. My
friend said they are friendly and eager to discuss work.

You can also contact the Cuban artist community in Miami. Good luck.

Hi Nora,

Have you tried Royal Chain? I’m not sure but they might have it or
be able to work with you to make it.

Best of luck,
Donna W
Huntsville, AL

Nora-Try Herco chains here n the U. S.

Jo Haemer