[Looking4] Hand Swedging Pliers

I am looking for a pair of hand swedging pliers. I was told
that these are no longer made. Does anyone know where I can find
a pair.

Thank you.

Thelzeda Moore

Swedging pliers are used in the musical instrument repair
business. Check out Ferree’s tools 616-965=0511

Preston Reuther

Preston J. Reuther Master Wire Sculptor

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Dear Mary Moore, We have something in Australia alternatively
called swaging pliers or ring-bending pliers. These are a
relatively long handled plier (for leverage) with the bottom jaw
formed to an inverted V and the top jaw formed into a half round
section which fits neatly into the V. They swage or bend quite
heavy gauges of metal. Does this sound like what you want?

There is a picture of the item on page107 of the current Fischer
jewellery tool catalogue, tool number 4673. You can email Fischer
at info@fischer-pforzheim.de or go to their web site at

I hope this helps, Rex from Oz

Dear Mary, I am not 100% sure that we are talking about the same
thing,but “hand swedging Pliers” are used by Musical instrument
repairmen. You can obtain a set from Feree’s Tools. They are
heavy jawed pliers with grooves in the jaws. They are meant to
"stretch" and lengthen the tubes on sax, clarinet , flute and
other woodwinds that actuate the pads and keys.

I don’t have a number or website, but either a call to
1-800-info or a search on the web should turn up what you need.