[Looking4] Hand casting equipment

Hey anyone out there have casting things they no longer use? I am
trying to set up a silver and pewter work area.

I want to use liquid rubber mold compounds and sand. I need just
about anything let me know your items and price thanks!

Teri Davis
Silver & Cameo Heritage Jewelry

Not to point out the obvious, but make sure you don’t mix silver and
pewter - crucibles, filings, dust, bits and pieces. The tiniest bit
of pewter will ruin any quantity of silver.

Think twise before you set up both…

…be careful to work with silver and pewter in the same area,
silver is eaten by pewter…you get holes in it. The silver
disappears… a tiny tiny piece is enough…a filing or jumpring
melted together…

There are small casting machines for sale at eBay all the time.


Thanks yes I have been warned seperate files and everything for each
in fact I am using flourescent yellow tool dip to mark pewter tools
just to be safe

Silver & Cameo Heritage Jewelry