[Looking4] Half drilled gemstone balls

I am looking for +/- 8 mm half drilled gemstone balls. I am mainly
interested in blue topaz, dark citrine, amethyst, and peridot. Other
vibrant translucent gemstones could work as well. This will be part
of a jewelry line which means I would buy a small amount for
prototypes and then more when in production.

Thank you in advance!
Annamari Mikkola

I used to get really nice semi-precious material from Emaco. They
used to be in the diamond district, but they seem to have moved.

Emaco co. inc.
PO Box 297275
Brooklyn NY 11229
718 676-1023
Fax: 718 676-1024

(That I say “semi-precious” gives you an idea of how long I’ve been
out of the trade. Just getting back in now, after over a decade of
corporate graphic and video design.)

I would recommend Indo Jewels in NY 212.944.7122.

Try Wholesale Gemstones Supplier - Stachura Wholesale

Richard Langbert