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[Looking4] Gold filigree classes

Hello, I am eager to learn gold filigree techniques. Does anybody
know where can I take classes? (private classes, school or
workshop). Anywhere around the world, but in English? Thanks a lot in
advance for your kind assistance.

Irma Kvezereli

I am eager to learn gold filigree techniques. Does anybody know
where can I take classes? 

Please check Victoria Lansford at

If you cannot attend the workshop, get her DVD. She teaches well.
She guides you to early success. She teaches Russian filigree.

If you prefer Yemenite style, check Yehuda Tassa at Or see his
2 DVDs.

Or do both. You will learn more about filigree that way.

Yemenite style uses annealed filigree wire to keep the elements from
unraveling, so they fit the forms well. Russian filigree uses work
hardened filigree wire to keep the elements in place in the forms
via springiness. As soon as you understand both processes you have
more control over your materials.

The DVDs mostly show using silver, but if you understand what to do
in silver, you know what to do in gold. Of course in the workshops
you can ask specifically about gold and get direct instruction.

Have a great time! Doing each style is fun, and you will feel richer
for getting to know Yehuda and Victoria, even if just through their

Neil A.


Can you please tell me where come from ? Malta is famous for
filigree and in fact we specialize in filigree work.

Liliana Attard

Regarding gold filigree classes, contact Cecelia Bauer at:

C. Bauer Studio
New York, New York

Another lead for Gold Filigree - Upcoming classes ongoing, each
Spring and Fall. Next class is October 26 - 29, $795.00 + Supply fee
$150.00 fine and sterling silver Price for gold is on individual

Dee Rouse Huth, Director
California Institute of Jewelry Training