[Looking4] for Montana agate and more

Do any of you have good sources for the following stones:
rutilated quartz, Montana agate, and quartz with tourmaline
inclusions (is this called tourmalated quartz?)? I am looking
for relatively small stones, no more than 20 mm in any one
dimension, high quality. . Odd shapes are great.

Roberta in Brrrrrryn Mawr, PA

Roberta, Try JD Findings they are very good and have a huge
inventory of stones of most variety…www.jdfindings.com/

Gary Dirks
Janine’s Jewelry
Redding, Ca.

Roberta, In response to your request for a source to buy
rutilated quartz, Montana agate, and tourmalated quartz; you can
try www.gemhut.com/master.htm or call them toll free at
1-888-243-6488, they are located in Colorado. Another source you
could try is at www.jewelz.com/discount.html . If you have a
business, I believe you can get wholesale pricing from both
sources. I hope this helps you out.

Good Luck,
Mark Cunha

There is a company called Aggos, they advertised in LJ and
they specialize in Montana agates and their prices are pretty
good. I saw them at Tucson last year but can find no listing for
them in the 800 directory just now. Another option is Donald K
Olsen in Bonsall, California. Their telephone is (760) 758 -
2388. They have not put their web site on their card from last
year. They are more expensive but their work is pretty awesome.
Plus they always have a “bargain bin” and maybe they could send
you those and then you could choose the ones you want and return them.
Good luck!

Dear Roberta, I have a substanial selection of all of the above
and will be happy to send you an approval selection. I am busy
setting up a website to carry un-calibrated designer cabochons.
I have them in two grades, both excellent quality and
beautifully cut. I intend to have the broadest possible panoply
of natural stones and all of them will be cut in such a way that
the best possible pattern is displayed. Our current inventory
also has an in depth selection of Zambian Amethyst cabochons cut
in unique shapes as well as many stones from Western American
sources. One of the stones which may be of particular interest
to you would be our sagenite Agate from our own deposit in
Nevada; it is world class material!. We leave for Quartzsite in
two days and will be looking for materials which meet our very
particular specifications.We would be happy to hear from you !
Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.

Hi, Roberta I cut and polish all of the stones you mention as
well as many more eclectic ones.

My list is extensive with good images so it may take awhile to
dl but it is worth it.

I have freeform pietersites that are kick ass. rutillated and
tourminlinated quartzes Montanas that are exquisite some new
calligraphy stone saginites to not believe fire agates that blow
my mind the goethite in amethyst (cacoxinite) is beyond belief
in beauty fair prices and satisfaction guaranteed my opals are
about to jump up in quality as I am getting some fine Lambina
rough to cut. I have old Holly Blue agate too that is sweet. The
lapis I have is museum quality royal blue…the intense kind
that I saw recently at the Nicholas and Alexandra exhibit
…Faberge and all and the lapis was very similar to what I have
I also cut very rare agates so if you have ideas I am available
to work with artists to create. The rarest I have now is Mt.Ranier
plume agate…fine fine fine

check them out and feel free to inquire for whatever your heart

www.mysticmerchant.com then click on the gem stone link

Happy millennium to all…the list is SWEET to quote my bud Eric

Hugs and smiles for all,


Doris and Jim Hoyle < http://www.hoylearts.com > have self
collected in Montana and can probably supply you. I know they are
extremely reasonable. Teresa

Hello bill: as a rockhound in washington state I have much blue
agate in the ellensburg range, also a blue plume agate i call
stirmt day… Perhasps if you are in the area you would like to
check it out…ringman john…[ ring14k@aol.com ]

I think you are looking for Montana Picture Agate. Wheeler Mfg
is an excellant source for these cabs. They are located in
Lemon, SD. Their phone number is 605-374-3849. I hope this will
hep you. Louise Roys Aquarius Custom Jewelry