[Looking4] [FL] Summer jewelry workshops

I’ll be there for part of July and August and would like to find a
workshop lasting one week or even several days. Let me know if you
know of any.

Barbara in the south of France

Barbara -

Try the Florida Society of Goldsmiths (FSG), particularly the
Northeast Chapter (FSGNE). All the chapters are active in giving
classes, and we often have outstanding workshops…right now I’m
attending a 3-day workshop with Marilynn Nicholson, through the
Southeast chapter.


best regards,
Kelley Dragon


In Saint Petersburg Florida the Morean Art Center offers all kinds
of classes and workshops. Tom McCarthy one of the instructors is
absolutely fabulous. I have taken independent study with him. The
Morean can be found at


listed are the up coming classes and workshops



Florida in July and August is very humid. You might want to consider
further north for part of the time:

Maine is most beautiful in July and August. Haystack is located on
the Atlantic Ocean.

School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston has summer classes. Boston
is also beautiful in July and August.

Good luck.


There are some workshops in Florida during the summer, but maybe not
as many in the cooler months.

Please check the web site of

This links to all the chapters of Florida Society of Goldsmiths
(FSG). Check the Northeast Chapter link as they always have ongoing
classes in which to participate. There is also the Northwest Chapter,
but you have to link to that chapter to find what is going on this
summer with that chapter. They do offer classes during the year.

Workshops sponsored by FSG are held out of Florida in North Carolina
in late June and again this year, Masters in the Mountains, in
October. The workshops held at the Wildacres in Western North
Carolina are fabulous. You do not have to be a resident of Florida,
by the way, to be a member of FSG; if you live out of state or out of
the country you are considered a member at large and not attached to
any chapter. Another place to check out what classes are being held
during July and August is to check

they are located in West Palm Beach. Since you did not state in which
area you were going to be staying, it is hard to give you any more
leads about classes. The first two are just to get you started. Hope
this will help.

Beth Katz

Hi, Barbara -

You might consider Metalwerx’s Summer with the Masters workshops.
The studio is located in Waltham, just outside of Boston, MA.

Here’s a link:

Kind regards,
Mary Stachura