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[Looking4] Festival display tables

Hi All,

I would welcome any about where to obtain display tables
that are easy to set up and tear down for traveling by car (Honda
Civic) to art festivals… Any recommondations??

Many Thanks,

Hi Judith,

Try Costco. A couple of years ago I bought a collapsible table there
that wasn’t very expensive, was light and easy to manage. I found it
useful many times and will continue to use it. All it needs is a

Good Luck,

Judith - my main source of sales is art festivals. The tables really
depend on your budget. A friend of mine has showcases that accordian
fold up with glass cases on top. They are just beautiful but
thousands of dollars. I use a 24x42 inch white plastic portable
table. The legs telescope up to counter height and the table breaks
down and folds in half and would easily fit in the trunk of a car. I
cover the table with a black cover that fits over the tables
completely like a pillow case…my mom made these for me…aren’t
mom’s great. This works great because they don’t blow in the wind
like just a table cloth would and you can store stuff under them and
it is unseen. I now had wood tops made for these tables to go over
the black cloth. I distressed the wood top and finished it with a
dark stain. It looks awesome. You would never know that underneath is
a plastic fold up table.The tables are available at Sams Club and are
$36. I use 5 tables. 4 for display and 1 for a checkout. I have alot
of people ask me where I got my tables and they are surprized to know
what they really are. My show booth is fun and interactive. It is all
in the presentation. I will post a picture of my tables on my blog if
you are interested in looking at them then go there and check out the
pic -

Goodluck at shows!!! I think they are fun :slight_smile:

The collapsible tables are good and they do fold up to be square. I
made my own table from a hollow core door and purchased legs - put my
own handles on it. It’s not as compact but it is very light.

Got mine at Sam’s Club - they are narrow and short, and adjustable
height. All of which makes them perfect for jewelry - I can raise
them to counter height, so better for viewing and out of easy reach
of little hands… Then I had custom covers made for them in the
fire retardant fabric to meet all codes…

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Fold-up tables can be bought from Home Depot, WalMart, or Target.

Hi Judith, We have a van, so are able to stuff a lot in it. Would a
2 by 4 foot table fit in between the seats? If not, how about a
camping table? The often fold in half. If outdoors, you will need
something to weight down the legs though

I bought 3 of these adjustable height tables. 2 for my displays and
1 for behind the display tables for me to use for packing etc. I
bought black tablecloths at the store below along with a crinkle
runner to lay on top.

I had posters of my work made at Costco to hang behind everything.
You can just get creative from there… make it your own.

Regards, gail

Hi Judy - I once helped a jeweler break down her booth - she used
those roll-up camping tables from REI or Sierra Trading Post with
some collapsible risers - very professional looking, and it all fit,
including her tent and carpet, into her compact car. She used every
single inch of space, but it was very impressive (the tent poles
stretched from front passenger seat to trunk, diagonally, with 1/2
the back seat folded forward). If I recall correctly, the risers
were 12" x 36" rectangles of press-board (with hinged legs so the
whole thing flattened to store); set up on the back half of her
tables, covered with cloth, for an uninterrupted bi-level display,
using those Rio snap cones (flat when unsnapped) in rows to display
her pieces. I’m sure you could make the risers any dimension that
would work in your car.

Good Luck!
Sam Kaffine

Wow-thanks to everyone for the display table leads and info-I so
appreciate it! If there are any more suggestions out there, I would
be interested in hearing (I mean, reading) more…


Everyone now and then Fred’s puts their tables on sale. They have
foldable 6’ tables, 4’ tables, and card tables. If you want them
taller you use cpvc, measured to where the table leg makes an angle,
add the height, then at the bottom you can either put a cap -or- you
can put a 90 degree bend and link the two end legs. For more
stability, you could use a three way link and link all the leg pieces
at the bottom. IF you are on uneven terrain, though, it would
probably be best to just use a cap. You have to make sure the cpvc
you use is not much wider than the diameter of the table leg or else
the table can be a little loose. One note, if you use different style
tables, mark which cpvc poles go with which table.

For the table cloth, you can either make one (or buy) that hangs
completely from the top -or- you can fasten velcro to the table and
make a hidden area of tablecloth to hang underneath the top
tablecloth. That way you will have tablecloth to the ground, without
paying a fortune on a custom tablecloth. This could easily be
accomplished with a $9 black flat sheet from Wal-Mart and some
velcro. Cut the sheet and hem (or use adhesive hem tape), to the
height you need. Add the velcro to where you need it. I’d sew those
on for strength. Use several so it doesn’t sag. Then you can get the
$10 tablecloth Wal-Mart sells, 104". Put that on top.

My thoughts.

I bought 4 tables at Scheels. They are 4x2 and fold in half when you
take them down. The legs raise to counter height. No risers needed.
They were $40 each AND I asked the manager for a better price
because I wanted to buy 4 of them He offered me a deal–buy 3 get one
free! I thought that was just great.

I like the size because no matter shape my spot is at a show I can
configure the 4 tables nicely. They stack on top of each other and
fit in the trunk.

Jean Menden

Depending on your location, I have 5 sided open side to the seller)
Plexiglas squares held with chrome side corners,etc,… glad to make
you a deal on all…about 6/8 with folding table…easily
disassembled and put together…


Jim in Tampa- Where did you get the plexi square with chrome side
corners? I’ve been looking for them!

Please advise…

Teddi (thea fine, beading design) Maryland

Does anybody know of sources in Europe, especially France, where I
could buy some of the adjustable height, folding tables? I haven’t
found any yet.

Barbara Jacquin