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[Looking4] Exhibition catalog printer

I’m looking for recommendations for a printer for our catalog of the
"East and West, the Hammered Metal Object" exhibition. I’m looking
just for printing since we have someone to do the layout. Thanks.


I don’t know where you’re located, but if you’re close to the New
York metropolitan area I can recommend Graphic Technology, Inc. in
Long Island City. They’re not the cheapest, but not the most
expensive either. Their work is top notch and they get things to you
on schedule.
When you call them you can ask for John Smith. He’s the salesman who
I used to work with, and a very nice and knowledgeable guy. I assume
he’s still there. You can say I recommended them.


a thought- I have had exhibition catalogues printed by professionals
in Japan and Italy, by local presses in different cities and of all
the work and all the costs, the best work came from the university
press in this city. Often it is a learning situation and the teachers
oversee the production and students willing to go the extra mile to
get work perfect- or to your specs, at least!- I would check out
their samples and talk to your community colleges or university’s
printing dept. s first- they were not dirt cheap, nor the most
expensive, but the local feature meant shaving time off of sending
original, full colour proofs you can’t hold and contact sheets you
can’t inspect back and forth via email, etc. as well as seeing the
true colour in the final product, rather the proof before it gets
run. I do recommend you check out their paper selection to insure
they have what you want- i did have to order in some almost glossy
coated stock for a catalogue some time ago. and in another instance
used a coated linen paper in another project in which the text, etc.
was a very deep black B & very white W with the jewellery isolated in
each image in full offset 4 colour letterpress process after some
graphic magic was done to the camera work with enhanced lighting
angles.- So there is a lot that can be done besides just printing,
and layout,.The camera work is the most important aspect to me in
jewellery publications, So while any quick copy place could do a job
in which you believe all the work is ready on a good paper but a
printer is usually better than a photocopy machine if its an
investment designed to help sell the pieces in the exhibition.(and I
believe you’ll get a better product with a 4 colour letterpress than
a digital “printer”), and any high end professional known in the
trade (i. e. Hap Sakwa) can do your camera work,- at what I believe
are not worth the cost for the same images when a local professional
photographer can examine the work of a gem specialist- if even
necessary in your situation- and recreate them in their studio, often
with the exact same equipment and backgrounds as someone like Sakwa
or Goldsworthy would choose! The quality of the images will depend on
the camera work. The actual printing depends on the body of the
catalogue and elements from font to paper and ink type. Set a budget
first, then start looking for the final printing…

The appropriate elements depend on who you plan to have attending the
exhibition, How long it runs and If it is sales driven or simply a
juried exhibit. Believe me you can find what you need without having
to pay 800 or more per image! The number of catalogues you need will
figure into the print shop chosen and again, colleges are a great
place for collaboration. rer

Dear John,

You might try Quad/Graphics for a price quote. They do avery good
job with our 4-part color flyers & catalog. Talk to Danielle Serode;
she is one of the best. 781-917-1622.

No connection except that of a happy client.

Kind regards,
Mary Stachura