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[Looking4] Enameling and Repousse classes

Hello all

Does anyone know of classes just for Enameling and Chassing/repousse
in Eastern NA? I would love to take Jennifer’s classes but California
is a hard sell "-)

I live in Ottawa, CA…and am looking for short classes. Is it
possible to start a list of classes acording to areas? …ie. New
York and seaboard, South, West and North?



The best chasing and repousse instruction is in Brooklyn, NY.



The Enamelist Society web site ( maintains a
class/workshop listing service for enameling classes everywhere.
Unfortunately there are no listings from Canada currently but as
more people know of this service they will hopefully list on the

Judy Stone

John C. Campbell Folkschool in Western NC, Wildacres also W. NC,
Arrowmont, Gatlinburg/Sevierville TN, Penland in W. NC, are a few in
this eastern N. america craft triangle ( n. GA, e. TN, W. NC, ) in
addition to William Holland Lapidary school (N GA) that hosts the FL
Society of Goldsmiths twice annually that offer special courses a
week in duration to jewelers, etc, in a variety of concentrations.
JCCampbell Folkschool has workshops year round and many are in
enamelling and repousse’ ( Patsy Croft, Birmingham AL is a highly
recommended instructor teaching extensively in the jewelry arts at
both JC Campbell and Arrowmont- her website is Alohalani designs, or
creations- can’t remember, but she is the enamelist Thompson Enamels
has selected to represent them in some capacities based on her
extreme skills repertoire as an enamelist and jeweler). All in all
there are a number of schools that run year round programs. Online
you’ll find their catalogs and course descriptions. If you need in
depth review of any of the above mentioned feel free to contact me
off list. I teach at or have taught at most of them and in some cases
have taken courses at most as well in years long since past!..The
William Holland School is the exception to the year-round offerings,
as it closes in October annually.

R. E. R.

Oh an addendum:

Valentin Yokov in NY is a master, but the cost is to be reckoned
with, as well as expense of accomodations in the city…I beleive
Harold O’Connor ( author of the Jewelr’s Bench Reference, and Master
Jeweler/Goldsmith) is about to teach a course in Vermont, rhode
Island or maine- (bad memory day!) in Repousse’…if not having
already occurred…I would highly recommend availing oneself of
anything the man has to teach!