[Looking4] Diamond drag saw blade

Looking to purchase 5 or 6’ long diamond segment drag saw blade. new
or used. yes, I can make my own, but I’d rather find one ready made.
Will be in Tucson.

Mark Zirinsky

Mark -

I just read your post on Orchid. You might want to broaden your
search by including a reference to a section of a “spooling diamond
saw” blade. Large academic/scientific institutions use spooling
diamond saws for cutting metallic objects; Cornell University in
Ithaca, NY has one in their geophysics lab which they had built to
section deep crustal metallics; it has also been used to section
nickel-iron meteorites. Hence, a blade section may work very well for
your application.

Feel free to share what I wrote; knowledge is priceless, we give it
away! said. I also think that you might want to check with some
quarry operators and building stone manufacturers. Quarrying has been
in a huge recession for years, due to the availability of relatively
inexpensive building stone shipped from the Far East. As a
consequence there is a lot of commercial-size lapidary equipment for
sale used - including huge surface polishers and sectioning saws for
slicing up blocks of quarried stone. This may be yet anther source
for large size diamond saw blades.

Jim Small
Small Wonders Lapidary
Church Hill, TN


Have you tried turning the Blade upside down and starting the blade
with diamond dust in the groove? To answer my own question “yes!”.
Have you thought of having the back of the saw blade fixed like the
round saws with the diamond attached onto the blade! I have heard of
this being done but I can’t give you a source! It must be a
reasonable option because in my travels I found people still using
Drag saws to cut Jade in the outback in Canada a few years ago! I
would try the Diamond saw retippers (?) and see if they know of
anyone that could do it! GL