[Looking4] Diamond cabochons

I’m working on a line of birthstone rings with simple 6 - 8 mm
cabochon I have good sources for most but not
yellow topaz or diamond cabochons. Can anyone recommend a source?
Rose cut or smooth cabs would be acceptable.

Linda in central FL

Linda- You should be able to find rose cut diamonds easily. They
used to be rare but are now being cut again. Cabs not so much.

Are you looking for real yellow topaz aka precious topaz or yellow
quartz often called yellow topaz or citrine? They also should be
readily available. Rio should have them.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

bangkokcityjewels on ebay has some. ask for a photo of the exact
stones you will receive though. rer

You might try Mark Haughton at rockdeco at yahoo dot com - he has a
mailing list you can join he will be at the Tucson Show: Rock Deco
Gems, Feb 4-9 2014 GJX 2608 (BBB designs) (no affiliation - just like
his gems)

all the best

Cab diamond I haven’t seen. There is a guy Paul Reiter who deals
with old cuts in Wisconsin. Might be able to find rose cuts there

Still “no joy” on the topaz cabs/rose cuts, altho I found a couple
of sources for rose cut diamonds close to the size I was seeking,
and ina variety of clarities.

Jo, I’m looking for precious yellow or golden topaz, not yellow
quartz or citrine. Rio’s yellow/imperial topaz is only available in
faceted stones. I’m finding this rather perplexing, as I was under
the impression that this was a fairly common stone. Again, looking
for a source for 6 or 8 mm cabs or rose cuts.


Facet grade topaz would not be used for cabs. More $ for faceted
gems. Topaz can be quite a bit more than citrine and look the same,
my customers usually prefer citrine because of the price difference,
and they are Americans anddon’t really care much about what it is as
long as it looks like what they want. If you do not mind cabs that
have inclusions, topaz crystals are available to cut in that quality.
you could have some cut, I have those crystals, I might have pink

Richard Hart

If you haven’t already check with Ahmed Shareek, Crescent Gems -
fellow Orchidian and Rob Lowe, also a fellow Orchidian. I know Rob
will be in Tucson. either may have or be able to get what you need.
certainly worth asking.

John Alexander Hood in Nova Scotia cuts killer stones and might be
able to help…

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Linda, try robert bentley stones. no relationship. Tom Arnold

The only diamond cabochons I could find online was a 9ct pair of grey
diamond cabs selling for $7,500! If you’re looking for something that
looks like adiamond, ie with passable clarity, you’re never going to
find it readily available in cabochon form. It will always be faceted
as faceted gems fetch more money and show the stone off to better
effect. As others have said, you would have to have it specially cut.
But then, is getting them cut specially going to be cost effective?
Perhaps you could go for highly included rose cutgems instead, but
they may still be too pricey for birthstone jewellery.

I hope you find what you’re looking for.