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[Looking4] Cutter for really tiny gems


I posted a short time ago about searching for rubies, and received a
lot of help. I’m also trying to find a source of gems cut in very
small sizes. I designed many of the ornaments for my jeweled warrior
sculpture on Rhino, and (being new to the jewelry world) designed
them with many stones under 1mm in length or breadth and sometimes
both. These are emerald cuts, marquise, and ovals. So far, two
companies, one in Sri Lanka and another in India, have tried to cur
these tiny stones for me, and given up, saying they are so small
that they crumble. Obviously, I need to design with bigger sizes next
time, but now I already have the ornaments cast and I desperately
need stones to put in them. Does anyone know of a supplier of teeny
Or, are there diamonds available in a good range of color
in these sizes?

Larry Heyda