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[Looking4] Custom Wax and Casting Shop


Looking for a Shop that can do custom wax and casting (14K Gold); I get
too busy and would like to find someone that would be able do custom wax
and casting. Please e-mail me turn around time and price(s), thanks…
Medford, Oregon


Hello, I have a custom design and casting business, and custom waxes are
the main part of my business… If you would like to see some of my work
please visit my web-site… As far as
price goes, that is based per job, generally to give you an idea they range
anywhere from $75.00 to $175.00 per wax, plus the cost of the gold… The
lower priced waxes, to give you an idea would be a simple wedding band
without stones or basically anything plain. When I have to do channel work
and azurs depending on how many stones are involved, I charge more… AS far
as turn as turn around time I usually have a two week turn around… Please
visit our web-site and be sure to go to the “Current work” link, and when
you are on the “current work” page click on the thumbnails to get larger

If you are interested please give us a call at the number posted on the
web-site… Thanks for your time… Marc Williams, MarcCo. Jewelry Mfg.


Good Morning,

My name is David Ginis with Ginis Goldsmiths, I do custom wax work &
casting & would be interested in some additional work of this type. As to
turn around time that would be determined by the amount of work &
complexity of the piece, wax approval or direct cast. Typicaly 7 to 10
days for wax only, slightly longer for cast pieces. I have a small
operation & am easy to work with. As to the cost, I charge about
$45.00-$95.00 per wax (depending on commplexity) Please E-mail or call if
you have any other questions. Thank You David A. Ginis *I have just started
a web site you can view some of my work there.

David A. Ginis
Ginis Goldsmiths
136 Ashman Circle
Midland MI 48640
(517) 835-6534