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[Looking4] Custom punches

Hi All, I am on the hunt to find a company that can do a custom die
cutter… like a disc cutter but with a specific shape. Is there a
company out there that will do this’thank you for your time, and
knowledge with this matter.

Lorien Powers Studio Jewelry

A bit of background, to cut out any shape in sheet you need a 2 part
die. a male punch and a female this fits into.

usually made in 1/2 in 01 gauge plate. (thats oil hardening tool
steel.) Its mounted in a fly press, the punch in the moving part and
the die held in a bolster, clamped to the press bed.

This press is bolted securely to a heavy metal or wooden bench at a
comfortable working height when your standing.

So you need a bit more than just the 2 part die.

Once your set up with this kit, you can blank out your shapes
depending on size and thickness anything from 50 to 150 an hour. Will
that be enough?

Also once youve this press then youll find all sorts of uses it.
tools are the key to making anything.

Ill be visiting my die maker soon, if you mail me off line with a jpg
image with dimensions and thickness of metal you want blanked, ill
get a price for you ex works.

Dorset UK

Have you looked at Dar Shelton’s dies?

Even the basic ones cut a lot and the hardened ones can cut

And since they are used in the press, you don’t have to strike.