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[Looking4] Copper-smith for a commission

Any takers? Contact offline for contacts

     I am having trouble finding a local copper-smith for a
    commission of a custom casting of antiquity replica. This is to
    be a 7th wedding anniversary gift to my wife and I would
    appreciate it if you could assist me in finding someone of
    skill that could be interested in this project that is
    reasonably (in Florida) close by. 

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL

A copper smith is not what you need. Its a sculptor which connections
with a foundry. He will know how to take a mould from an original,
produce the wax positive, then get the foundry to cast it in what
ever metal you desire. Good luck in your new search.

But!!! the first post was to have the item done copper and most
any art foundry I know of (mine included) do not cast in copper but
copper alloys, and they do not look like copper. If bronze is fine,
than one could even go to a red brass to get a coppery look. If it
"has to be a copper look" than as far as I know, a copper smith is
what is needed… to form/hammer/shape the item from some copper

John Dach