[Looking4] Chrome Tourmaline

Dear All,

We are looking for a specific size of chrome tourmaline to replace a
broken stone. The custom mounting we created for this stone leaves
us little room to vary the size without some pretty major
modifications. So far I’ve tried Michael Couch and Pala Gems. Any
other places I should try before we break down and have one trimmed
to size? We’re looking for a triangle, 6.5mm x 6.5mm x 7.2mm. The
original stone was 3.8mm in depth and weighed.75ct.

Thanks for any contacts you might pass along.

Happy Holidays to All.

david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa


I purchased one last year at Tucson from Christian Heinzmann, close
in size but already mounted. phone is 212-819-1793. Can also try,

Good luck! Barb

Barbara Smith McLaughlin - Handcrafted Jewelry
PO Box 793, Stratham, NH 03885


looking for a specific size of chrome tourmaline

try shirley at ‘gem resources’ in minneapolis, minnesota, contact
info listed below. she has large amounts of faceted and cabbed
stones. she also has a big tent at tucson and she’s a funny and

Phone: 1-612-664-0252
Fax: 1-612-379-7905
Toll-Free: 1-800-588-8515

good luck -

Dear All,

Thanks to all who gave me names to try in locating our very specific
sized chrome tourmaline. We were able to find one through Shorr
Marketing, a contact given me by Richard Hart. I called 8 stone
dealers before locating this tourmaline, so all of your contacts
were greatly appreciated. I met some very nice people during this
search, and I have a larger colored stone list to hunt through the
next time I’m looking for a needle in a haystack!

May you all enjoy the upcoming Holidays.

Take care.
david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa where it is a very chilly 8 degrees below zero!