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[Looking4] Cavalin rolling mill parts

I have aquired a Cavalin rolling mill that needs some parts. How do I
determine the size or model I have. Is there a contact for the
company or a person out there who know’s. Thanks in advance, RFJ in

Unfortunately Cavalin is no longer in business so spare parts can be
a problem. A machine shop may be able to help but it could get pricy
quickly having parts made.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

While we are on the subject of Cavalin rolling mills, I have one at
least forty or so years old, perhaps older. It has all the
characteristics of a Cavalin when comparing it to a picture, but the
arrangement of the reduction gears and the counter-drive gears is
different from what it is today. I am told the mill when my mentor
bought it used still had an original price tag of $450!

In any case, my problem is that it has not been used for a while. It
is dirty, and the rollers seem to have lost their polish to a very
fine dusting of what may be some very fine scattered rust. Or
perhaps this is just in the cosmoline type (LPS3) coating applied by
me about six years ago.Where do I go from here? Can the rollers be
polished? By whom? Is there a source of a parts breakdown so I might
get it reassembled correctly? (It is still assembled, by the way)

Any help or advice you might offer will be greatly appreciated. I am
trying to start producing jewelry again, and would really like to
have this mill available.

At the Progress Tool auction in L.A. last year, they had lots of
Cavallin mill parts, as well as Cavallin mills in all conditions. I
had no interest in all those parts, but someone out there bought them
for a song. I’m guessing they might show up on E-bay at some point.

Jay Whaley

You can get rollers polished at Premier Rollers in Providence.

Hello it’s my first post.

I have one myshelf and works fine 
I have one myshelf and works fine

They are great mills I have one of their power mills and love it but
I believe you will find that they are out of business. The web site
you posted has not been updated in a couple of years. I have tried
to get some parts for my mill last year and was told by the
suppliers here in the US that parts were no longer available as they
were out of business.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Dear Marrin here is the cavalin address in italy, they are very
helpful in finding their products and parts in the US, do get in
touch and see how they can accomodate your needs. I purchased an
obsolete Mill of theirs I had been searching for a few years they had
it sitting in a warehouse, that they were happy to send over at a
very good price.

good luck