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[Looking4] Black rhodium plating in LA

Hi all, I’m looking to get some sterling pieces rhodium plated. I’m
looking for a matte black finish. Just had some done at Cal Mart
plating in downtown LA, and I like the finish, but they come out very
different from how I expected. I was looking for a jet black, like
liver of sulfur, and most of my pieces are matte which is hard to
achieve with the black rhodium.

I do not intend on rhodium plating myself. Does anyone have any
suggestions as to what other plating I can ask for to achieve a dark
black matte finish? and any good platers?

Amery Carriere Designs

Hi Amery,

For rhodium plating in the LA area, call Tish Scott (562) 692-0466
at [wfscottplating at aol dot com] 3720 San Gabriel River Pkwy. Pico
Rivera, California 90660.

If it can be done in an environmentally safe manner, she can do it!
VERY professional, and they will do small quantities.

Janet in Jerusalem

They uis a company you should check out call Red Sky plating the
contact is Neil

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold