[Looking4] Black Majorica Pearls

Hey fellow Orchidians,

I restring pearls and beads for my main income these days. When I
get a broken necklace or bracelet with a tail of the string hanging
on each end, I’m pretty sure a bead or two have been lost. Twice now
I have gotten bracelets of Black Majorica glass ‘pearls’ with one
bead missing. Because these beads are almost 10mm in size, that
really affects the length of the bracelet. Majorica has a specific
coloring on their black ‘pearls’ that is impossible to match.

Does anyone have a few from a broken strand or bracelet they would
be willing to sell? I would be will to buy both black and white, 8mm
or other sizes of Majorica ‘pearls’ for matching stock. I will pay
postage also. Please contact me offline.

Thank you very much.