[Looking4] Big turquoise

I have a (potential) customer who fell in love with a ring with a
32mm round turquoise, but needs a different type of band (in size
15). I’d rather find him a different stone than take this ring apart,
but haven’t yet found a comparable stone. I’ll cut one if I have to,
but, does anyone have/know where to get a 30-35mm round or square
turquoise, comparable to the one on my blog at



Hello Noel;

there was a guy advertising on the cover of the tucson show guide for
the G&LW shows in Tucson who sells nothing but green Turq. since
1974, in Tucson he is at the holidome suite 159, his adress is…

Cotner's Turquoise and Gold
P.O. Box 4548
Scottsdale, Arizona

No phone #, I" sure tghere are a thousand turq sellers in Tucson if
youreb going