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[Looking4] Best website building software

Good Morning Orchid Forums,

I may be asking a question previously covered, but I am unable to
find anything on web building in the archives. (the search engine
keeps cutting off any words having to do with “web” or “web site” in
my searches for some reason.)

My wonderful news is that I was gifted with my domain name and web
hosting for 2 years by my sister for my birthday, so I officially
exist in the land of 1s & 0s! YAAY! (I.E. other than my web site
being hosted through another’s server).

My big issue now is acquiring a good software that I can drag & drop,
point and click away on. I need one that is affordable (under $100 I
think is fair) and that lets me do my own tag editing but will
correct it and make it right for me. I do NOT know html, and am not
interested in spending hours learning it, but am familiar enough with
computer jargon that I want the flexibility of the tag editing so my
web presence gets “up there” in the search engines. (Thank God for my
Brother-in-law who can fix anything I mess up)

Does anyone have any recent experiences and wisdom to share? Right
now I have my park page with a wonderful pic of my Granddaughters
that says, “Come back Soon”. It is nice, but obviously will not


My website is currently not a good example of what is possible with
Web Studio but I don’t know HTML (nor do I want to learn), although
I’m fairly proficient as a computer user. I started with one of the
first versions of Web Studio and have upgraded when they do something
new. My memory is that it is reasonably priced and VERY intuitive.
There should be a trial version online so you can see for yourself
how helpful it is. I have called for technical support several times
and they have been wonderfully responsive. I just checked it out and
it IS Web Studio 5.0 from Back to the Beach Software. The price is
$179 but there is a trial version. It has been well worth the money I
have spent. Now all I have to do is find the time to get back to it
and use this fine program to bring my site up to date.

Good luck
Ann Lacava, Pure Silver Studio

Hi Theresa,

My big issue now is acquiring a good software that I can drag &
drop, point and click away on. 

If you have a Mac, a great software is Freeway Express or Freeway
Pro. It’s very similar to using a page layout program like
InDesign… type control, any number of graphics and placement, et.
al. It writes the code in the background, a WYSIWYG website building
software. They are at They have trial versions so
you can see whether or not you like it. Nice people in support, and
well done technical help manuals.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

web easy at staples
19 bucks does it all


You could also look a CoffeeCup web builder.


I have a MacIntosh computer that has made my life online so much
easier, (mostly), and it has a lovely little application called iWeb
which allows you to choose from a number of different templates,
drag & drop your photos, edit them, add text, and slideshows, and
other widgets besides. I used my MobileMe account to publish the
site, and I have a nice little online portfolio. I am computer
literate as far as the basics go, but iWeb took away all of of the
worry and let me have the fun of setting it up the way I wanted.

I know there are other sites out there and similar programs
available for those of you who insist on sticking with PC’s, I am
sure you’ll get plenty of suggestions!

Melissa Veres, engraver

As a member of the list, I have a suggestion in light of the queries
about websites, social networking, and how to brand yourself
(without heat). I’m not pointing at anyone specifically - however -
when you list your work, website, photo album, anything people can

PLEASE make sure that the links work by first sending the email to

Make sure that your ‘website’ still isn’t under construction

Make sure that people who read your on this list can go
and actually ‘see’ what you are doing and who you are.

I find it so curious that I had to have a teeny weeny rant this

When I read a post and there is a link I Want to see the website, I
Want to see the work… When I see nothing, or a 404, or a ‘under
construction’ or ‘this name is available for purchase’, I get testy,
and really don’t care what the person has to say. Ever.

This is the technological age… people are constantly (albeit too
much sometimes) on the social networks or talking about their work.
It’s an instant age folks, be thorough about making sure there is
something to see and read, photos, blogs, people are more visual and
this is

Where. It. All. Begins… This is or could be Your Base, Your

Your Brand IS important, as well as your content and authentication.

Okay, I’m finished. :slight_smile:

I use “Trellian WebPage”. Works well and it’s free. You might want
to try it.


I just built a website using the site

It does not give you a large amount of versatility, and is geared
towards an artists portfolio more than a production line. That being
said, after you choose your template, you can easily upload work
make prices and hook it up to paypal for people to buy your work. It
also creates an email account that can be forwarded to an account of
your choosing and will set up traffic tracking through google
analytics. Lastly the website it creates will be placed at a domain
of your choice. If your looking for a pretty simple interface toget a
website going this is a great choice.



As a member of the list, I have a suggestion in light of the
queries about websites, social networking, and how to brand
yourself (without heat). I'm not pointing at anyone specifically -
however - when you list your work, website, photo album, anything
people can see... 

Ya missed one, if I see another site with a black background and non
contrasting text I am going to have a major hissy fit and probably a
stroke. Why put up a site which is near impossible to read ???

Good teeny weeny Rant by the way :slight_smile:

Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modelling & Goldsmithing


nothing worse than a 9 font… can’t read some of the email

You need a gem-scope at 50 power to read some of them.especially
with light lettering on a black background…ever tried using a 10x
loupe actually against the pc screen?.. it ain’t fun…:slight_smile: at our
tender age why strain our eyes?

Gerry Lewy

I’m on record as saying if your site is black with white writing, I
will leave.


I just want to add my 2 cents worth to Jeff’s “rant” by saying, I
really don’t understand why people would make beautiful jewelry and
then display it on a website with such a dark background and hard or
nearly impossible to read print superimposed on that dark
background. I used to really try to figure out what the heck the
print was saying, but now, I’ve simply instituted the procedure of
"x’ing" out that website as soon as I get one that uses such. I just
won’t waste my time trying to “read” what it says.

Thanks, Jeff, for being willing to come out against it. Not that it
will change much, but maybe it might change just one site and that
would be awesome.