[Looking4] Bartering for a rolling mill

Dear Orchidians,

The nature of my jewelry creations has made a pretty dramatic shift
since I first began. As a result I’m stuck with pretty sterling
silver beads,charms,clasps etc. that I will never use as well as
glass beads and “rocks”. I also own a diamond that I would love to
trade for a rolling mill. The concept of bartering really appeals to
me. Any ideas on how to get started or where to turn?.

Thanks so much,

Well, there are bartering associations that you can join. Might not
work for what you want. The associations take care of the tax issue
– that you are supposed to count your barters as income and

You trade with other members, so you would have to check if the
members included the kinds of businesses that you want.

If you can figure those out without the association, then posting to
Orchid is certainly a good place to start.

Elainehttp://www.CreativeTextureTools.com ™