[Looking4] ARBE 1/4 HP Flex-Shaft Manual

Hi out there! Try as I may to find a good google answer to this I
have not been able to. I have recently acquired a beautiful flex
shaft machine & although I have used one a few times before I’ve not
ever had a chance to have one or read through a how to manual. I’ve
asked the person I got it from to look around for it & send it to me
if available but I was hoping maybe there was a good place to find it
on-line or request it from? I really am starting off ground level
here & want to make sure I go about setting it up & taking care of it
properly! I can’t wait to get it up & working so please, if anyone
can send me towards the right direction that would be wonderful!!

Thank you so very much!!

Jerry get in touch with Arbe, you can do it via email, they are a
very good company,that is proud to be making everything here, I got
there 1/4 HP flex shaft and emailed them with in a day they
responded to my satisfaction. just google Arbe.

Hratch Babikian