[Looking4] Antique Filigree Mounting

Does anyone have an original early 20th cent. white gold (preferred)
or platinum filigree mounting with a hexagon shape crown that will
hold a 6.1mm Old European cut Diamond.

If not my client might consider a reproduction one if it looks like
an original one or one with a different shape top.

If one is available that needs work or held a smaller size and I can
replace the top plate or open the current one to fit a larger size
that would be OK.

Greg DeMark

Greg, If you can’t find an antique, Princess Jewelry in LA has
wonderful reproductions.


Check out Van Craeynest (http://www.vancraeynest.com) They are a
family business that is still making this type of work with the same
tooling and attention to detail since the 1920’s. Not cheap, very
high quality. They may be able to help you.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Thank you to Linda Walsh and James Binnion for the recommendations
of people that make reproduction pieces and to my good friend Richard
Hart who recommended some places in Denver that might have original
Filigree pieces.

Greg DeMark

At the Tucson Gem Show this year I was introduced to an Estate
Jewelry company that had a booth at the entry to Gem Hall II. They
have branched out to sell semi-mounts cast from actual antique
pieces - eFiligree they are at http://www.efiligree.com

They have some exquisite Estate pieces and loaned some show & tell
to Diana Jarrett for her AGTA Seminar on Colored Gems in Antique
Jewelry. Really nice people and lovely to work with.

Robyn Hawk