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[Looking4] An opal carver

I have a client store that needs roughly 20 pcs a month of an opal
doublet pendant for stock. They may need more than that, I’m not
sure, but its somewhere in there. Its basically a piece of
australian opal doublet 3/4" long that is carved into the shape of a
lake and then inlayed into a 14K pendant mounting. This store is in
Nevada, U.S.A., and I believe they’d like to find someone in the
western states for convenience sakes, but I will forward any
responses that I see here to them. I was trying to keep them stocked
myself, but this is really outside of my area of expertise and it
was taking up too much of my time. These folks would like to supply
the materials so that they can control the color of the opal, etc.
just need an experienced carver to shape the opal and glue it in.
Appreciate it gang, like I said, I’ll watch and forward any
responses to them and they can fill you in further.

Hi Kevin,

I have spoken to Beth regarding the carving of the doublets. I do
have a question for you. Would please let me know how much you
charged for the work being done. I would like to not overprice myself
out of a job. Did you also epoxy the stones into place in the
pendants, she is asking me to do that also and I don’t have any
problems with it.

thanks for the referral,

Dear Jennifer-

I highly recommend Sean Davis for opal carving. He is an honest and
talented carver. And his rates are quite reasonable.
His email address is: cabosean at earthlink dot net

Here’s an example of his craftsmanship:

Cheers, Kim.

Angela Conty is tops. Award winning, amazing,