[Looking4] A "Used" 1.5CT Diamond

I’ve got a customer looking for a 1.5 CT VS E-F (give or take a bit)
diamond. He would like a Canadian sustainably mined diamond but given
they are more expensive he thought a diamond that is pre-owned would
at least guarantee that no further mining was done to acquire this
particular stone. Recycling, it’s a good thing. So I’m wondering if
any orchidians have such a stone they would care to sell or could
point me to a likely source.

Thanks, Miche

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Almost all diamonds are “preowned”. They routinely change hands so
many times it’s often ridiculous. There are sources for Canadian
diamonds, and quite frankly I don’t think they are any more
expensive than other diamond sources. There are many diamond sources
who sign off on a statement that their diamonds meet all the current
required protocols that guarantee against “conflict” diamonds. You
can easily locate many of them. If on the other hand, he is worried
about damage to the environment, no diamond is any less free of this
than any other. But, as I’ve said before, you should tell him that if
this is his issue he should first stop buying gasoline, using a
computer, etc. if that’s a real worry for him. And if price is his
only issue, then he shouldn’t be looking for a diamond with all of
these stipulations to begin with.

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Miche Meizner

As a Canadian fellow up here, I know of a few diamond dealers who buy
and sell such stones. Call me at my toll free number 1-877-850-0003.
I will have a few prices by the time you call …Thursday…

Gerry Lewy!

Damn good thing. DeBeers is a scary company, getting in on Hollywood
early, making diamond the engagement option, and wrapping it up with
an heirloom package to make sure diamonds once sold don’t come back
onto the market, genius! Of course I may be off on my Sociology of
Media history and would love to hear more on the subject, but in the
end I highly support someone trying to change our patterns of
thinking and our behaviour, power to you! Stay strong keep up the
good work, and good luck on finding the stone you seek.

K. David Woolley

Hi Miche,

Try Elisha Morgan, a gemologist who brokers Old Mine and Old
European diamonds. His email address is ROCKMAN@aol.com–do me a
favor and tell him I sent you (he’s brokered some stones for me, but
he still has one–smaller than you need–that he hasn’t moved yet).

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments