[Looking4] 26 gauge gold-filled wire-dead soft

Dear Orchidians,

A while back, someone mentioned using 26 gauge gold filled wire, I
think for crochet. I have been searching for this and all I can find
is “hard.” For what I do, even dead soft g-f is difficult to use. Of
my other options, karat gold is too expensive (still, unfortunately)
and non-tarnish brass reduces the “perceived value” of my
work–although it actually looks beautiful.

So I’m wondering if anyone knows of a supplier for smallish
quantities of dead soft. If you have ideas for options I’ve missed,
I’d be glad to hear about those too.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments

Hi Lisa. I think you might be able to get dead soft gold-filled
wire from TSI in Seattle. A friend who does wire crocheting
mentioned that she got her dead soft gold-filled from them, but she
did not mention the gauge she was using. . You might give them a
call, and see if they have what you need. Another possible source
might be Fire mountain. they have a web site, and should be easy
to contact. Alma

hi lisa i do wire crochet and purchase my 14kgf wire through csi in
so cal

they also have 28ga…you purchase by the oz…and always remember
to ask to have the 26 or 28 ga wire either silver or gold, spooled.
i can’t tell you how many bird nests i now have as ornaments made of
30 ga silver wire or 28 ga wire that i messed up while trying to
“decant” the looped wire onto a spool. it is worth a spooling fee,
usually about .50 to 1.00

i also purchase silver from http://www.altasilver.com Altamont
Beads and Treasures

pat moses-caudel
wild poppy designs…