Looking to replace a texture hammer

Looking to replace a cherished texture hammer with yellow handle

I was demonstrating fold forming at a Colorado Burning Man event in
Denver and somehow misplaced a cherished texture hammer. When I
bought the set, I purchased both options. They both had small
squares in the pattern and came with yellow fiberglass handles.

I’ve included photos but not sure if they will show up in the post.

I would greatly appreciate any help!

CraigFrom Boulder where the collage students a just moving back from
being gone for the summer.

Hi Craig,

This looks like a ball peen hammer which someone carved on the flat
face to become a texture hammer. There are lots of 8 oz. hammers
with interchangeable faces for texturing, but this one look quite a
bit heavier than that. If you google “ball peen hammer yellow
handle,” you’ll find various ones of different weights. Buy the
weight you like and cut the required grooves in it with a grinding
disk or wheel in your flexshaft. Just draw them on the face with
marker and carve them off. I just don’t see a purpose made ball peen
texture hammer for sale. HTH

Is there an advantage to having a ball peen texture hammer instead
of a textured flat faced hammer? Just curious as I have never seen a
ball peen one. Alma