Looking Plating Consultants

I am looking for expert consultation in electroplating jewelry in a manufacturing context. Someone with a lot of experience plating various precious metal substrates with palladium/platinum and yellow gold. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!

The folks at Krohn Industries are very helpful. You can email them for advice. Also, if you a close to NYC they always have a booth at the MJSA show. It’s next week, March 5-7.

ruthanne , when I have questions like this I go to the research folks at mjsa. they know a lot. the membership is worth every penny when you consider the resource. judy

I haven’t done a lot of plating in my work, but when I have, I’ve used Red Sky Plating in New Mexico. They seemed very knowledgable, were super efficient and did a great job. Hope that helps!

Red Sky Plating


I second this, Red Sky Plating is a leader in the industry in my opinion.